1. why love f(x) - Sulli 3/5

  2. kutokki:

    ive lost all motivation to do anything these days and people dont understand they just tell me to get motivated yeah sure let me go down to the store and grab a bottle of purpose in life

Bamberg, Germany

    Bamberg, Germany

  4. f(5) in the red light era

  5. marina-has-a-frooty-face:

Marina-schino Cherries


    Marina-schino Cherries

  6. Using only SONG NAMES from ONE artist/band, cleverly answer these questions.

    Artist/Band: Marina and the diamonds

    Are you male or female: girls
    Describe yourself: teen idle
    How do you feel: living dead
    What is today: e.v.o.l.
    Describe your current situation: oh no!
    Describe where you currently live: dirty sheets
    If you could go anywhere, where would you go: where diamonds grow
    Your favorite form of transportation: supermodel’s legs
    Your best friend is: just desserts
    Your favorite color is: plastic rainbow
    What is the weather like: starlight
    If your life was a television show what would it be called: the outsider
    What is life to you: obsessions
    What is the best advise you have to give: porn is good for the soul
    If you could change your name, what would you change it to: FROOT

  7. get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite pairings Nick & Jess

    "Are you gonna murder me ‘cause you’re a stranger I met on the internet?"

    "Yes I am."

  8. beadedwaist:

    So you understand that little white girls seeing only thin white girl’s being showcased, praised and adored, can fuck them up. But you don’t get why Black and Brown kids seeing white faces constantly is a problem. Okay.

Kristen out in L.A October 13th 2014

    Kristen out in L.A October 13th 2014

  10. quietlim:


  11. fuckyeahelectraheart:

    Marina @ W Singapore - Sentosa Cove (x)