Very rare - black orchid or Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight.


luna and krystal being cute (x)

make me choose: minah off-stage/minah on-stage // requested by anonymous

make me choose:
↳ anonymous asked: Krystal f(x) or Minah Girls Day

get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female groups: f(x)

“Because our goal is to become the best dance group in Asia, I believe that diversity helps us accomplishing that.” (Luna)


*thinking about girls* wow

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A fan asked Soojung when f(x)’s album will come out, she said “We always comeback in the summer, it’s probably going to be in the summer.” The fan asked: “Around July?” Soojung: “Maybe ㅋㅋ”


140412 Puma fan sign

Things Hyeri says - requested by anon!